Saturday, February 22, 2014

Australian Customers are so Wonderful to work with! Here is what I have "learnt"

Almost every day I have the pleasure of receiving orders from Australia.  Australians have got to be one of the nicest, most cheerful and respectful people in this world! Love you, Australia!

I have been meaning to write this but never came around to it but I have to just now :)

Over the years I have "learnt" from my wonderful Australian customers the following things:

  • Learned is "spelt" - learnt
  • Spelled is "spelt"
  • Here are other alternative spellings of words - spelt in the proper British English way:
          burn, dream, kneel, leap, spill, spoil, honor

SPELT as burnt, dreamt, knelt, leapt, spillt, spoilt, and honour

  • No comma between day of the week and the date; no comma after the number of the month AND printed with day of the month FIRST
EXAMPLE:  Saturday 15th March 2014

  • No space between the number and am or pm
EXAMPLE:  10am or 7pm

RSVP Phone
  • Use of the word "on" for the phone number
EXAMPLE:  RSVP to Mel on 0781 748 555

THANK YOU SO MUCH for teaching me all these wonderful customs and I must agree that British English is the "proper" way as that is where English originated.  Somehow during the centuries in the New World it deviated as has happened with Spanish.  Castillian Spanish is the "proper" way but in the New World it also deviated in it's form.