Thursday, April 12, 2012

What are RSVPs for?!?!!! No manners these days!

I designed one of my son's 10th birthday skating party invitations.  They came out lovely and I had them printed on heavy card stock - just lovely!  Well we sent out 22 invitations and GUESS WHAT???
NO ONE had the courtesy of replying!  We already paid 50% for a party of 10 children.  Non-refundable and the other 50% is not forgiven so we have to pay up too!

His party is tomorrow and we have already told him that we are sticking with it.  We are a family of 5 and will have fun with him.  My husband, my 2 other sons (one is older and the other younger) and myself!  The ONLY THING I will NOT take is any cake or pizza to the skating rink party center.  If anyone has the nerve to show up even though they did not reply and the invitation CLEARLY had a very prominent RSVP by April 9th circle with BOTH email and phone number - I will allow the child to skate but I will be very blunt - I will tell the parents that no one replied and thus we did not purchase any food!  I have decided that it is irrational to go out and order cake for no one but ourselves and pizza for no one but ourselves and I totally REFUSE to buy cake and pizza for the "just in case" cause!  That is too bad for them!  His actually birthday is not until a few days later anyways so we will go out to a restaurant to celebrate this coming weekend AND we will have birthday cake for him at home!  That is it!
I am done with birthday parties for now - people just don't seem to care or have any consideration for others any more and I just think that manners have gone down the drain!